The most widely read articles on Parkinson's symptoms

Symptom overview
The article gives a comprehensive overview of the most common symptoms of idiopathic Parkinson's syndrome 
The post is a video from the A-Z Parkinson's series. In this series, my cartoon character Dr. P. Parkinson's related motor disorders in easy-to-understand language
sleep disorders
They usually appear in a wide variety of forms many years before the actual diagnosis. What these are and where they come from is shown in this article under the heading “Heimann clears up”.
Sooner or later every Parkinson's patient will be confronted with at least mild depression. Dr. Heimann explains the connections
Urinary incontinence
A topic that is too often hidden. Precisely because it can have so different causes. Parkinson's is one of them. Reason enough for this widely read article.
Dopamine deficiency also affects the entire gastrointestinal peristalsis. Digestion and transport sometimes come to a standstill with, among other things, fatal consequences for the way the drugs work.
atypical Parkinson's
The atypical Parkinson's symptoms are one or more independent clinical pictures and usually do not play a role in my blog. Nevertheless, one should be informed about the most important key points in order to be able to differentiate his idiopathic Parkinson's disease from it.

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