To know better!

the column by May Evers

May Evers, who has Parkinson's herself, has been an "activist" in the world of Parkinson's organizations for years. Be it as a member of the board of trustees of the Hilde Ulrich Foundation, as co-editor of TeamDopamine - the dopamine book, as co-initiator of the AktivZeit Challenge or as a founding member of the German section of the PD Avengers "End with Parkinson's", May knows the disease and everyone who cares about it Combat endeavor better than almost any other. In her column she reports at irregular intervals from the world of Parkinson's foundations, self-help groups and research projects.

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  1. Karlheinz Braun
    Karlheinz Braun sagte:

    This goes with an experience I had some time ago.
    It is becoming increasingly common to hear that people with Parkinson's are being attacked. verbal and active. Even as a zombie that should be locked away..
    I always like to tell a little story. I'm sitting in the cafeteria in the department store. A lady is standing at the cash register and wants to pay the bill. You can see from afar that the customer is not completely healthy. The trembling of her hands confirm my impression. The woman has Parkinson's. I can say that, I've had Parkinson's myself for 13 years. From the line of people waiting at the checkout, the comment came at the loudest volume that could be heard in half the store:
    "N/a. Sober again? Need another sip? or need another shot? The cashier was also impatient. “Well, will it be soon? I have more to do and others also want to pay”
    I confronted the good man. Unapologetic as he was, he didn't want to show his weaknesses in front of the others. Did he give cocky answers. So I had the branch manager fetched, who, after some back and forth, banned the man from entering the store. The cashier also lost her job.
    Unfortunately, there are far too many people who flaunt their intelligence in this way.. Those who do not know should think about how you behave towards the sick..


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