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Stem cell therapy in Parkinson's disease

the alternative to the brain pacemaker is on the verge of a breakthrough

A contribution by May Evers from the “Better knowledge!”


Stem cell therapy for people with Parkinson's - the alternative to Brain pacemaker is on the verge of a breakthrough

The first tests of this promising device will begin in January 2023 Therapy in people with Parkinson's disease, in which the diseased brain cells are replaced by healthy nerve cells. Eight brave people from England and Sweden will be the first people to have this new method tested on themselves. And if everything goes well, there is a very good chance that stem cell therapy will be rolled out in just five years.

Leading the research and development of stem cell transplantation is Prof Malin Parmar from Lund University in Sweden. Together with Prof Roger Barker from the University of Cambridge, she is now preparing the tests on humans.

At the beginning, this therapy seemed to fail because of ethical questions. Prof Parmar's team researched embryo cells that were released for medical purposes. In the meantime, this question no longer arises, since with the help of stem cells it can precisely rebuild the dopamine-producing nerve cells. The production of the cells is relatively inexpensive and reliable.

Two years have to pass before the tests on humans can deliver scientifically verifiable results. Only then can it be determined whether the therapy can be included in the standard repertoire of Parkinson's therapies or not.

Just keep your fingers crossed!

Hamburg, December 09.12.2022rd, XNUMX, May Evers, 

Stay tuned.


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