Free impulse week:

Restarting with Parkinson's for a "lifestyle with movement in 2023

An offer from Dr. Marieke Schwed


Let's turn your goals into habits

Our author Dr. Mareike Schwed has once again come up with something very special. She knows exactly how important exercise is for us affected by Parkinson's.
That is why she offers a free impulse workshop at the beginning of the year, which we can only warmly recommend to everyone.

Who exactly is the workshop aimed at?
On her website she puts it this way:

Are you well informed about the benefits of exercise and athletic training, but you can't get into the regular implementation?

Du looking for a fresh start with movement to realign or motivate you, like a kickstart in 2023?

Are you wondering how you can independently and motivate yourself to incorporate your movement training into everyday life?

Then start your year of movement with the attitude of a marathon runner


📅 09.01.2023/13.01.2023/XNUMX to XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX

Here you can sign up for free: impulse week


Stay tuned.


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