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Breakthrough in Parkinson's diagnostics

A new method enables the detection of the onset of Parkinson's disease before the onset of brain damage and symptoms such as tremors. A protein in the brain water can indicate early on Parkinson's. Experts describe the method as a "game changer" for the diagnosis, research and treatment of Parkinson's. The findings are expected to have implications for new therapies.

Occupational therapy episode 1, what is important?

A contact recently wrote to me via social media, asking if I had any tips on how to find a good occupational therapy practice for people with Parkinson's disease. Of course I have tips. It is even very important to me to bring specialized occupational therapists and people with Parkinson's together.

What should I look out for when looking for an occupational therapist?

Here are a few key points:

Climbing a summit or hiking down a valley / Parkinson's research on new paths

In every conversation I have about Parkinson's - and believe me, I've had many such conversations - the sentence "Every Parkinson's is different" comes up at least once. That's right, the symptoms are different in all patients and the course develops very individual.

What many do not know, however, is that research now assumes that Parkinson's is not just a single disease. Rather, we are dealing with a variety of neurological disorders crammed under one Parkinson's umbrella. Welcome to the Parkinson's party!

To know better!

May Evers, who has Parkinson's herself, has been an "activist" in the world of Parkinson's organizations for years. Be it as a member of the board of trustees in the Hilde Ulrich Foundation, as co-editor of TeamDopamine - the dopamine book, as co-initiator of the AktivZeit Challenge or as a founding member of the German section of the PD Avengers “No more Parkinson’s”, May knows the disease and everyone who cares about it Efforts to mitigate better than almost any other. In her column she reports at irregular intervals from the world of Parkinson's foundations, self-help groups and research projects.
In “Heimann clarifies” we want to push the boundaries of the forums and make his postings accessible to a broader public.