Mission Parkinson

Stacey Macaluso from the USA, for example, has launched a platform that offers new exercise offers weekly, either as webinars or videos, free of charge for people with Parkinson's.

But she does not leave it at that, but combines her offer with political demands. She explains the connection between the Parkinson's diagnosis and environmental toxins. Just recently it emerged that the US appears to be importing fertilizers that are already on the US red list from other countries and using them in agriculture. Stacey has made it his mission to draw attention to this scandal and collect signatures and change the law. She says: “My community is working on these laws and sharing resources. We're not just a gym. We want to help change the future of Parkinson's disease.

A very special advent calendar

We have an idea:

Did you know….
....that our body and its perception determines 80% of how we feel mentally;

….that a large nerve called the vagus nerve constantly reports whether the body is safe or in danger;

…. that when too much insecurity can make your body have trouble "shutting down," resulting in the immune system not working properly, you can't think straight, and you're walking through the world on autopilot?

Imagine if there were simple tools to give the body a feeling of security again. Together! Your child helps you, you help your child.

We invite you to join us on an inquisitive and playful journey that is funny for some, pushes the limits of others, but done seriously to glowing alertness and sparkling joy.

Here is the link to register* and please share it with all families and networks who work for families and/or chronic diseases and with dear friends and adults who are young at heart.

It starts on the 1st :-)

We are really looking forward to it - we were very creative and tested everything ourselves with our children.

Kind regards, the Longcovid-Holistic team,
Mareike Schwed - Tobias Gerost - Viola Tonn

Parkinson's- what role does diet play

A feature from RBB on the importance of the Mediterranean diet.

Team Dopamine - The Dopamine Book

Dopamine - a book written by people who live with the chronic disease Parkinson's disease, whether they are affected themselves, relatives or therapists. This collection of very personal stories gives readers different insights into dealing with Parkinson's. The authors are either at the beginning of their illness or they have been affected for years. They report on their experiences, feelings and experiences in dealing with the disease on a daily basis. Just immerse yourself in her sad, serious but also hopeful and happy world.


Parkinson's Glossary HUS

We explain the technical terms that you will be confronted with from time to time in a language that is easy to understand.

Parkinson's Self-Help Directory HUS

Directory of Parkinson's self-help groups in Germany

Overview of Parkinson's medications

After a break of almost 6 months and a successful DBS operation, a new guide on medication from our guest author Dr. Johannes Heimann. Here you can find out everything you need to know about Parkinson's medication.

Parkinson's Self Help Directory

In the entire complex of the healthcare industry, self-help has now become a fixed and important element. For many patients, it is an offer without alternative, under the conditions of an often serious or chronic illness, not to be left alone. Self-help is not selfish, but essentially lives from sharing in the problems of other people

Live webinar avoid falls

Live Webinar – Avoid falls

You will learn three typical triggers for falls so that you can avoid them and the person concerned stays mobile for longer. In addition, I will show you strategies so that you quickly have specific techniques at hand when freezing and keep a cool head. This will bring more serenity into your life.