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What was it like when I got my diagnosis? Home as quickly as possible, started the computer and Googled what it took. I still get dizzy today when I think of the flood of terms that completely occupied my cerebrum in a very short time. It took days, if not weeks, to cut a clearing in the jungle of technical terms.

Incidentally, the thematic "clutter" on the World Wide Web was the main motivation for the creation of the Parkinson's Journal. If I've been struggling to scrape together valuable information, at least the next candidates for Parkinson's black hole should have it a little easier. Admittedly, not an easy task for a one-man show, but Rome isn't either... - well, you know 😉.

So be it, the next phase of construction has been completed and the Parkinson Journal has been given a glossary. Not a medical lexicon where you can't understand the explanation, but a collection of terms that were a constant companion to me from an early age. If you miss any terms, just send me a message, I'll be happy to complete the glossary (juergen.zender@parkinson-journal.de)

Have fun gaining new knowledge and stay active!

Acetylcholine Important messenger substance (see also transmitter) in the brain
Alpha synuclein Protein building block. Alpha synuclein is a normal part of nerve cells. In Parkinson's patients, alpha synuclein is deposited in the brain (= Lewy bodies). The connection with Parkinson's disease is currently being intensively researched
Akinesia, akinesia Immobility, is often confused with -> bradykinesia and rigor or understood as their generic term. 
Akinetic crisis Sudden worsening of movement disorders in Parkinson's disease. An akinetic crisis can result in complete inability to move.
Akinetic-rigid type Parkinson's disease in which slowing of movement (akinesia) and muscle stiffness (rigidity) dominate. Not all people with Parkinson's disease necessarily have motor disorders. see also "Overview of Parkinson's Symptoms"
anesthesia During anesthesia, individual areas of the body or the entire body become insensitive Pain .
Anticholinergics Group of Parkinson's drugs used to treat disease Parkinson are effective; Numerous side effects are problematic. So when taking Anticholinergics For example, dry mouth, bladder dysfunction, gastrointestinal problems (constipation) or memory disorders occur
Anticoagulation Under Anticoagulation refers to the administration of drugs to inhibit blood clotting. This means that these drugs (anticoagulants) can prevent the formation of a clot (thrombus) in blood vessels via a wide variety of mechanisms. In connection with Parkinson's, interactions with the standard preparation for anticoagulation "Marcumar" should always be taken into account. If necessary, anticoagulation is also an exclusion criterion for ->Deep brain stimulation
Equivalency type Parkinson's disease, in which the three main symptoms of slowing movement (akinesia), muscle stiffness (rigor) and tremors (tremor) are roughly equally pronounced in resting situations. Usually, however, one half of the body is more affected than the other.
Autonomous nervous system The autonomic or autonomic nervous system monitors and controls areas such as cardiovascular functions, breathing, digestion and reproduction. Unlike the central and peripheral nervous system, i.e. the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, we cannot consciously influence the autonomic nervous system. This is why one speaks of the autonomic nervous system
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