Breakthrough in Parkinson's diagnostics.
Biomarkers discovered!
A post by Jurgen Zender


Biomarkers discovered in Parkinson's disease.

A new method enables the detection of the onset of Parkinson's disease before the onset of brain damage and symptoms such as tremors. A protein in the brain water can indicate early on Parkinson's. Experts describe the method as a "game changer" for the diagnosis, research and treatment of Parkinson's. The findings are expected to have implications for new therapies.

For me, who myself have Parkinson's disease, this new study is a real breakthrough for Parkinson's diagnosis and therapy development. It is really encouraging that it may now be possible to detect the disease before the brain becomes damaged and the typical symptoms such as tremors appear.

Bisher war die Diagnose von Parkinson oft schwierig, da die Krankheit oft erst diagnostiziert wurde, wenn bereits erhebliche Schäden im Gehirn aufgetreten waren. Aber jetzt, mit diesem Test, der das fehlgefaltete Protein alpha synuclein im Gehirnwasser nachweisen kann, könnte eine frühzeitige Diagnose ermöglicht werden. Dieses Protein ist ein Hauptmerkmal von Parkinson und kann dazu beitragen, die Entwicklung von Therapien zu verbessern.

It is also interesting that genetic risk factors such as certain gene variants can influence the risk of developing the disease. As someone with Parkinson's, it is important for me to understand how different factors can contribute to the development of the disease.

It is particularly impressive that the test was already able to detect the protein in people with pre-Parkinson's disease, in whom no changes in the nerve cells in the brain could be detected. This shows that alpha-synuclein could be a very early indication of the onset of the disease.

The study gives hope for the future of Parkinson's diagnosis and therapy development. It's a big step forward and I'm sure these discoveries will lead to new and improved therapies in the years to come.

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