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The Parkinson Journal is a unique collection of information about Parkinson's disease. With over 1200 articles (texts, videos or podcasts), written or produced by well-known authors or those affected themselves, it has become a companion for many affected people, their relatives and those seeking advice over the years. 

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Martin Riegels wrote not only, but above all, for those who - be it as a relative or as an affected person - are confronted with the diagnosis "Parkinson's disease" for the first time.

Martin Riegels is 62 years old and has had Parkinson's for 20 years now. He tries to live with this disease as best as possible. Sometimes he does it better and sometimes worse.

"How does Parkinson's work?" is intended to show ways of living well despite this disease. Many of the approx. 400.000 people suffering from Parkinson's in Germany have been living with this disease for several years and many have found ways to come to terms with the disease. You can find some of the author’s paths and other authors in this brochure.

The information you find here can also be helpful as a basis for your discussions with your doctor. Doctors often take patients with knowledge about their illness more seriously than someone who does not question anything. If you are well informed, you can meet the doctors on an equal footing.

The articles in this brochure are divided into three phases:

  • Phase 0 = Topics are discussed here that could be of particular interest to people who have only recently received their diagnosis and who do not yet have any serious symptoms. Here you will find, among other things, a report by an affected person who looks back on her first years with Parkinson's.
  • Phase 1 = Readers who have been living with the disease for a number of years could find what they were looking for here - among other things, the typical anti-Parkinson drugs are presented here.
  • Phase 2 = Concerns all topics related to problems that can occur later in the course of the disease, including gait problems (freezing) and various treatment concepts, CBD and assistance dogs)

Have fun gaining new insights.

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