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Jurgen Zender - Parkinson's Journal

Jürgen Zender - Parkinson Journal

Welcome to my Parkinson's blog.

In the now 2 years that I have lived with the knowledge of my Parkinson's disease, I have compiled, structured, supplemented, and discarded a lot of information here in my blog, always with an eye on us affected. And there are around 400.000 of them in Germany alone.

My blog is not a scientific treatise and certainly does not replace consulting your doctor. He just gives
my level of knowledge and that of my guest authors at a certain point in time and in a generally understandable language. Not more but also not less. Use the Parkinson-Journal to find out how to talk to therapists and neurologists, but avoid self-diagnoses or, worse, therapy decisions that are not dependent on the doctor. If you take this to heart, my blog will - at least I believe and hope - be a valuable companion during your illness.

We hope you enjoy gaining new knowledge.

Jurgen Zender

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