Parkinson's and the arts
A contribution by May Evers from the “Better knowledge!”


Parkinson's and the arts

Parkinson's and creativity are closely related, as many have already noticed. Conversely, we didn't all become van Goghs and Frida Kahlos just because we had Parkinson's disease. What an idea! However, there is no denying that the desire to express oneself artistically and creatively remains strong among some people with Parkinson's.

Today I would like to draw attention to a website that has grown in the shadow of larger Parkinson's and art initiatives and has now become one of the largest collections of art, literature and poetry by people with Parkinson's. We're talking about "The Quiver". At first glance, the website appears rather modest and reserved. But if you take a closer look and start leafing through the pages, you will be amazed at the treasures hidden there.

The platform was started by Christopher Lion from Austin Texas, himself suffering from Parkinson's disease. He and his team of eight are now working on expanding the platform and organizing interesting art projects and events.

One of his comrades-in-arms is Jacob Kidney, whom I know from the international self-help group. I was amazed when he presented "The Quiver" to the group and explained the structure of the site with the help of my friend and artist Ingrid Hauff from Hamburg. That's what appeals to me about The Quiver. The website is "human" and presents itself as a small cozy haven where artists can exchange ideas if they want and are given the space they need to be able to present their creativity. There is a lot of heart and soul in this page.

Since then, The Quiver has grown so much that it has started to become more international and has adapted the website accordingly. I can only warmly advise you to check out this website from time to time. There's a lot to discover. 

Hamburg, December 03.12.2022rd, XNUMX, May Evers, 

Stay tuned.


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