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It is estimated that in Germany about 10% of people with Parkinson’s are organized in self-help groups or at least occasionally use their services.

That is 40,000 out of 400,000 sufferers.

It is our declared goal to increase this number permanently and steadily, because the exchange with „fellow sufferers“, the rich offer of information, the newly developing friendships, sports that one suddenly (re)discovers for oneself, the self-chosen isolation that one leaves? all these are good reasons to join one of the numerous self-help groups. Therefore we will extend our information offer by reports from the community of the so-called SHG’s.

For all the others, who are not yet ready to open up, we want to continue to be a window to the Parkinson’s world, whose inhabitants they have become without their own intervention, and keep them informed with value and with heart and mind. 

As „desk jockeys,“ our financial needs are fortunately low, especially when measured by the number of people reached. Nevertheless, there are such financial needs, which are essentially determined by IT infrastructure, image and sound technology, rights acquisition and research costs, travel expenses, accounting and annual financial statements.

We will reach over 160,000 page views this year, our targeted Instagram follower count of 5,000 is currently increasing by 500 more followers each month, and our YouTube videos have been viewed over 50,000 times so far.

We are very happy to be supported by the following sponsors in this effort

If you would like to make a contribution to our support, then you can purchase a banner in the support list at a price of € 2,500/year plus VAT and claim it as advertising costs against tax. A maximum of 6 banner spaces will be allocated on the sponsorship list.
The banner contains your company name, logo and a link to a website of your choice. The list of sponsors will be referred to prominently on the home page of the Parkinson Journal.

To do so, please fill out the following form: Funding List

We will then invoice you the sponsorship amount of 2.500,– € plus VAT as costs for advertising banners, duration 12 months. 

The billing is done by our publishing house ZLine people production publishing UG – publishing and production.

Since we attach great importance to transparency, anonymous promotion is excluded. We also guarantee that apart from the sponsor banners the Parkinson Journal will remain completely free of advertising and thus independent.

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