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  • Haven't found a club yet?
  • Don't have room for your own record at home?
  • Would you like to train more? D
  • Do you have Parkinson's?
  • You just want to have fun?


Recently, there has been a community of players with Parkinson's in ELEVEN TT.

The identifier in the game is the name form PPP-(nick)name. Important is the PPP at the beginning and the minus sign, spaces are not allowed.

We recommend registering at There you can set the PingPongParkinson community flag and get ppp specific tables, eg a PPP leaderboard.


PingPongParkinson VR

The trailer


2019 PPP VR World Championship Finals

Thorsten Boomhuis vs JERSLUND_PPP


11'Clubhouse, the PPP league and more (German version)


You can find out everything you need to know here.

Oculus Quest 2 125GB. The predecessor model Quest is hard to find.


cheapest at the moment 

The game eleven TT

Since the Quest itself is a full computer with a processor, memory, and screen (those are the lenses), the ELEVEN software is also downloaded and installed within the goggles. This is very easy and self-explanatory.

You can also download the Oculus software onto the PC and connect the glasses to the PC via WLAN. This has several advantages.

  1. you can make adjustments to the glasses without having to put them on  
  2.  you can stream what you see in the glasses to PC or Fire Stick or Chromecast so others can watch you play table tennis.


A controller posture that gives the haptic the finishing touch.

You don't necessarily need the paddle, you can definitely play excellently with the controllers that are already included. I use it because it's even closer to the real thing, because the grip is the same thickness as a regular table tennis bat grip and the thumb and forefinger positions are also almost identical. the downside is that the racquet is then slightly top-heavy, but this is adjustable with the solidslime that I recommend.

Price: €25 plus freight. 

With the discount code "SOLID11G" you get a 15% discount.


If you use a paddle, you have to tell the software, which expects a different bracket. To do this, go to the menu item Setup (gear symbol) and paddle, from then on you will find your way around. 

Useful Links

German Eleven TT website“
Manufacturer site
German Discord Server with numerous channels and a detailed FAQ list
English discord server

An introduction to the eleven TT menu system



The Germany ETT website

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