This is the place, where you can find all needed information and links for the current league 2023-1

Here we can chat about everything that concerns us all. Suggestions, technical questions, questions about the rules…..

Password = pppvrXY

X = prename
Y = lastname
capitalized in each case

One to one communication (scheduling, results transmission to the league management should be done by email.


Please check everyone if their data is correct and complete.


player season 1/2023

 If you have found a date, It is important that you enter your agreed dates in the timetable.

• the upper cell contains the time in the format UTC+1 (=Berlin), the lower cell contains the day in the format 03.Jun.

If you can always play at certain times, write a note in your yellow name field. This will help your opponent to find a common date.

see video tutorial

match time planner

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