Overview All Parkinson's Medicines


Hello my dears,

when I read some posts in which about the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of the reading one or the other medication, I get the impression: a bit of a system and
method would be very useful here. Sometimes it goes back and forth - and sometimes will Brimstone butterflies compared to night owls.
So below that - when ich didn't overlook anything - complete and absolutely ordered Presentation of all active ingredients. Many of these drugs are marketed by their active ingredient names (generic
name) also distributed. For others, extra artificial names are created. I hope the below The following list also contains all of these pseudonyms, with the ones in Austria and the
Switzerland may not have all the usual sales names with meSo today I just wrote the overview - connected to one Homework:
  • Look at all the medicines you are taking!
  • Think about which group
  • drug heard!
  • From now on, do you know which group each drug you take belongs to?
So every time you reach for the tablet box:
brain training:
What is the name of the active ingredient? Which group does he belong to? In the following I go through all drug groups and explain each oneMechanism of action and the importance of these drugs.
Then I'll say something on the subject combinations.
A meaningful Parkinson's therapy is at best only at the very beginning with a drug. Nearly you always have to combine a second, a third and a fourth drug. The meaning is:
desired effects should complement each other. Then they not only have an additive effect, but sometimes downright multiplied better. And: the side effects of the individual components
should not overlap if possible.
This is what my daily box looks like a wild mix?
If you see that, you could feel really poisoned. But no, this colorful box is extremely orderly and its general combination makes a lot of sense.
Perhaps the following comparison will help: what you eat in one day is yes also nicely alternated and well combined. No one just goes along with “monotherapy”.
Potatoes and is so much of it that it comes out again to the ears...
Right here I would like to say something very important:
Many say or think: My previous medication is no longer effective - they have used up - the body has become too used to it.  This assessment is almost always wrong.
The effect of Medication does not expire. But Parkinson's is getting worse. And he needs a higher dose, a more precise schedule or additional medication. So NEVER, EVER, EVER, take medication without it stop medical control!!!!!
Overview of all Parkinson's medications:
1. Levo-dopa

Levo-Dopa pure and pure and alone does not exist. With good reason: an endogenous enzyme, the so-called dopa decarboxylase (DDC) would destroy 99% of the levo-dopa in the body make. So we would have to swallow several grams of pure Levo-Dopa to get the effect of the today's tablet with 50 or 100 mg. All of today's L-Dopa preparations contain it a DDS inhibitor: benserazide or carbidopa in a 4:1 ratio. The two are the same Good.

Levo-Dopa + Benserazide
normal Madopar®
Depot Madopar Depot®
quickly soluble Madopar LT®
Levo-dopa + carbidopa
normal Nacom®
Depot Nacom retard®
for pump therapy Duodopa®
microtablets MyFID®
latest development, currently not on the market: IPX066 = Rytary™ = Numient®
Levo-Dopa in a triple combination
Levo-Dopa + Carbidopa + Entacapone Stalevo®
2. Dopamine agonists = dopaminergic substances:

dopamineagonists and act like dopamine, so have the same effects as dopamine, but they are chemically different. You could also use them as dopamine substitutes  describe.

Apomorphine Apomorphine Injection Solution®, Dacepton®
Pramipexole Sifrol retard®, Oprymea®, Mirapexin®, Glepark®
Ropinirole ReQuip®, Adratel®
Rotigotine Neupro®, Leganto®
Piribedil Clarium®, Pronoran®, Trivastal
so-called ergoline dopamine agonists
New developments
3. MAO inhibitors:

Monoamine oxidase (MAO) is an enzyme that breaks down dopamine in the synapse. if If you slow down this enzyme, then the dopamine acts longer - own like that one consumes via Levo-Dopa.

Rasagilin Azilect®, Rasagea®,
4. Anticholinergics:
The term "anticholinergic" is difficult to explain, so I'm not trying right now. There is a reason for this: the medicines from this group are important largely lost.
Biperiden Akineton®
Bornaprine and others Sormodren®
5. NMDA antagonists - glutamate antagonists
The word "N-methyl-D-aspartase" We need NMDA or glutamate agonists not to be noticed, because there is only one drug from this group that is good:
amantadine. The other - Budipin - almost no longer matters.
amantadine PK-Merz®, Tregor®
Budipin Parkinsan®
6. safinamide Xadago®

Safinamide is an active ingredient similar to MAOIs with smaller additional benefits.

7. COMT inhibitors:

Catechol-O-methyl-transferase is an enzyme that prematurely degrades Levo-Dopa position. So, these drugs contribute to the longer effect of Levo-Dopa. Of the Levo-Dopa decreases later, the overall effect of Levo-Dopa is more even.

Tolcapone Tasmar®
Entacapone Comtess®
Fixed combination of Levo-Dopa + Carbidopa + Entacapone Stalevo®
Opicapon Ongentys®
8. New drugs? new developments?
I'll report on that in due course.

9. Naturopathy
I already have to disappoint everyone who is hoping for naturopathic remedies. First giThere is nothing that has been proven (clinical study, double-blind test, etc.) to be effective.
Secondly  there will probably be nothing new in the near future.
A warm greeting from