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The problem isn't what people say to you. It's what they don't say.

On the edge of reality

Episode 1 of the mini-series starring Jon Stamford

Sometimes it's difficult or embarrassing to talk about hallucinations.

Patients may be reluctant to share their experiences with their GP, perhaps not even knowing that this is part of their Parkinson's disease.

This video is intended to encourage people to make a connection with the disease and to seek medical help.

I am well aware that there is a risk in addressing hallucinations as a result of Parkinson's disease in people who may not be emotionally prepared. But that shouldn't mean that the issue is swept under the rug.

The response to the trailer for "The dark side of Parkinson's" was overwhelming and consistently positive.
Placing symptoms and clinical pictures in the foreground, most of which are not even known to the general public, has obviously struck a chord. Certainly because those affected are also very reluctant to talk about these topics.

Parkinson's is usually only associated with tremors, at best with slowness and stiffness, even those affected often do not know what else the future has in store for them.

Some of my readers have commented that they deliberately didn't want to deal with this because for them Quality of life in the “here and now” would be in the foreground. Thoughts about a possibly difficult future should not dampen your joy of life.

This is of course legitimate and understandable. I mean that one doesn't have to exclude the other. For example, the knowledge that my muscles will progressively stiffen and my movements will slow down is motivation enough for me to exercise for at least 60 minutes every day with a good feeling.
Without my diagnosis and without my knowledge of the future malaise, I managed at best 60 minutes a week and not a day.

But see for yourself and stay active! Your Jurgen

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