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Detlev Friedriszik: With movement against Parkinson's

The main speaker is Detlev Friedriszik, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's 17 years ago. Since then he has been fighting against the relentless progression of the disease, trying to help others with his knowledge and experience and always staying positive despite all the odds.

His credo is "Instead of waiting in the corner in an armchair for new medicine, become active yourself and keep your mobility as long as possible with sport". Always looking for the most suitable type of movement for him, he came across the so-called Smovey rings 14 years ago.

Smovey rings are a comparatively simple piece of sports equipment, imagine a ring in which three or four balls always move in the opposite direction to the movement of the ring.
Detlev Friedriszik quickly discovered the positive influence certain exercises had on the progressive stiffening of his muscles and the reduction in his range of motion.

Stomach, intestines, exercise and Parkinson's disease

Mrs. Prof. Dr. Brit Mollenhauer on the current state of research:

The research focuses on alpha-synuclein, whose pathological aggregation in the nerve cells due to protein misfolding has been identified as the main cause of Parkinson's. Three strategies are being examined here: inhibiting the build-up, promoting the breakdown and preventing the transfer to the neighboring cells, so to speak their contagion.