The four video categories at a glance

In the 4 categories you will find numerous videos that are sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, give an insight into the daily life and struggles of us “Parkis”.

Living with Parkinson's
Heather Kennedy - Living With Parkinson's

This is where people with Parkinson's disease have their say. They talk about their daily life, share with us their worries, their needs, but also their little happiness in everyday life.

They encourage and show us that despite Parkinson's you can keep your joie de vivre

Humor and Parkinson's
Laughter is the best medicine -and that includes not always taking yourself and your illness very seriously.

Parkinson's and Humor?

Yes, it works - see for yourself! ;-)

Parkinson's from AZ
The technical terms relating to Parkinson's are often unsettling "foreign languages", especially for new patients.

My cartoon character Dr. P. therefore explains everything about Parkinson's in short videos in an understandable language.


Certainly the most burning topic for many. What therapies for Parkinson's are there? What can we expect from the research? But how certain is my diagnosis?

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