A very special advent calendar
from the neuro workshop

A post by dr Marieke Schwed 


A very special advent calendar

We have come up with something special for all the mothers and fathers with chronic illnesses who have to do double duty here!*

Your "We bring happiness and joy into the world" - Advent calendar

*And since the calendar is full of vagus nerve games, the calendar is also good for EVERYONE,

because in the last 3 years the world has changed a lot...
In the neuro workshop we have observed how strongly these constant uncertainties are also reflected in the health of people with chronic neurological diseases.

People with Parkinson's have had veritable flare-ups in the lockdowns and fears of infection because cherished habits and encounters have broken away.

The same applies to people with multiple sclerosis, who also had to manage everyday family life with the concern of not getting a serious infection, some of whom are immunosuppressed.

The children and their families were and are repeatedly exposed to particular stress due to various stressful situations during the time of upheaval.

What chance do we have to turn back time a little and pay attention to the children. What chance do we have of normality to bring home more happiness and light-heartedness?

We have an idea:

Did you know….
....that our body and its perception determines 80% of how we feel mentally;

….that a large nerve called the vagus nerve constantly reports whether the body is safe or in danger;

…. that when too much insecurity can make your body have trouble "shutting down," resulting in the immune system not working properly, you can't think straight, and you're walking through the world on autopilot?

Imagine if there were simple tools to give the body a feeling of security again. Together! Your child helps you, you help your child.

We invite you to join us on an inquisitive and playful journey that is funny for some, pushes the limits of others, but done seriously to glowing alertness and sparkling joy.

This one Link to registration* and please share with all families and networks that work for families and/or chronic diseases and with dear friends and adults who are young at heart.

It starts on the 1st :-)

We are really looking forward to it - we were very creative and tested everything ourselves with our children.

Kind regards, the Longcovid-Holistic team,
Mareike Swede - Tobias Gerost - Viola Tonn

*The advent calendar costs €0 and we take the liberty of using your contact details for neurowerkstatt marketing purposes. This can be revoked at any time in the emails received.

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