Stacey Macaluso


Stacey Macaluso

Mission Parkinson

Here I am. I was gone a long time but didn't come back empty-handed. There is so much to discover in the big, wide world of Parkinson's. The international self-help group Living with Parkinson's Daily For example, invites guests to its weekly video conferences to give lectures on interesting topics. But not only the guests are interesting, the participants, all of whom are very active in the Parkinson's scene, are also working on interesting projects.

Stacey Macaluso from the USA, for example, has one Platform was launched, which offers new exercise offers weekly, either as a webinar or video free of charge for people with Parkinson's disease.

But she does not leave it at that, but combines her offer with political demands. She explains the connection between the Parkinson's diagnosis and environmental toxins. It just recently emerged that the US appears to be importing fertilizers that are already on the US red list from other countries and using them in agriculture. Stacey has made it his mission to draw attention to this scandal and collect signatures and change the law. She says: “My community is working on these laws and sharing resources. We're not just a gym. We want to help change the future of Parkinson's disease. We want to help end Parkinson's disease. I've been campaigning for this for almost 11 years and will continue.” So it's worth checking out the website "Mission PD" to throw. And don't worry, we've bridged the language barrier for you.
You can find the link to Mission PD permanently on our home page, in the upper right color field.

Bye for now!

May Evers, Hamburg, November 23.11.2022, XNUMX

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