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by 24.06.2022

Summary of the keynote speech by Prof.Dr.Mollenhauer on the occasion of the dPV's delegates' day

by our author Andreas Schreier

Mrs. Prof. Dr. Brit Mollenhauer on the current state of research:

Im Fokus der Forschung steht das alpha synuclein, dessen pathologische Aggregation in den Nervenzellen durch eine Proteinfehlfaltung als wesentliche Ursache von Parkinson identifiziert ist. Drei Strategien werden dabei untersucht: die Hemmung des Aufbaus, die Förderung des Abbaus und die Verhinderung der Weitergabe die Nachbarzellen, quasi deren Ansteckung.

Risk factor blood sugar: a high blood sugar level correlates with a worse course of Parkinson's disease. Regular monitoring of the blood sugar level is therefore very important!

In a modification of Winston Churchill's bon mot "No Sports", Prof. Dr. Mollenhauer the "NO TO NO SPORTS". Research shows: Sport inhibits inflammatory processes. "Something is happening molecularly". In fact, active exercise and sport produce positive molecular changes at the cellular level!

From the muscles to the intestine: A reduced microbiome holes the indispensable mucous layer on the intestinal wall, which is responsible for the passage of vital substances into the bloodstream. An adapted one Nutrition is an essential means of reducing the risk of Parkinson's disease and slowing its progression.

Prof. Dr. Mollenhauer formulates it radically: no meat, no sausage! On the other hand, she recommends high-quality olive oil. According to Prof. Mollenhauer, the mucous membrane on the intestinal wall can be properly sealed with olive oil.

It is also extremely important to ensure that food passes through the intestines properly. Under the heading “See that the slag comes out,” Prof. Mollenhauer refers to “extremely good experiences.” Fast. Attention: not without medical supervision!

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