Multimodal complex therapy
Theory and practice
 A contribution by Jürgen Zender


Multimodal complex therapy


Multimodal complex therapy for Parkinson's is a treatment method that combines different forms of therapy to relieve the symptoms of Parkinson's disease and improve the quality of life of patients.

Treatment is based on an individual therapy plan specifically tailored to the needs and symptoms of each patient.

Multimodal complex therapy can include various forms of therapy, such as:

  1. Medicinal Therapy: Parkinson's medications that dopamine replacing or increasing the effects of dopamine in the brain can be used to improve symptoms.
  2. Physiotherapy: Movement exercises and movement therapy can Mobility and improve patient coordination.
  3. Occupational therapy: The aim of occupational therapy is to promote the independence and everyday coping of the patient.
  4. Speech therapy: Speech and swallowing disorders can be improved through targeted muscle training.
  5. Neuropsychological therapy: Patients with Parkinson's disease may have cognitive limitations. Neuropsychological therapy can help to train and improve cognitive abilities.

Multimodal complex therapy for Parkinson's is carried out in specialized clinics and requires intensive cooperation between different disciplines, such as neurologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.


In autumn 2021 I was a patient in the neurological specialist clinic Passauer Wolf in Bad Gögging for 3 weeks. During this time, I wrote a detailed diary that gives every Parkinson's patient a practical insight into everyday clinical practice and the applications carried out there.

You can read the diary here:

As a result, I was often asked for a recommendation for a specific clinic. Naturally, I can only provide objective information about the clinic in which I was treated myself.

After a thorough study of all conceivable alternatives, a year and a half later I decided again to go to the neurological specialist clinic Passauer Wolf in Bad Gögging.
Perhaps what I appreciate so much about this clinic may be a decision-making aid for everyone who is looking for a recommendable clinic.

What made me decide to visit the same clinic a second time?

In terms of interior design, the clinic is the apple of my eye and the staff from reception to the therapists and doctors are extremely competent and friendly. We attach great importance to the fact that the patient feels comfortable. This is not only reflected in the successful architecture, but also in small details. Here you are not referred to as a patient, but as a guest, and the rooms have more the character of a hotel room than a sick bed.

The medical team around Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Wächter is very competent and, which I find very important, also very communicative.

The therapeutic spectrum ranges from boxing to table tennis, LSVT BIG, gait robots, medical training therapy, our own very beautiful swimming pool, Tai Chi, fascia training, balance exercises, Nordic walking, classic physiotherapy, psychotherapy and and and...

A major advantage is the direct connection to the Passauer Wolf rehabilitation center, which is connected to the neurological department of the Passauer Wolf specialist clinic in Bad Gögging via a bridge, thus practically forming a single unit. The therapeutic facilities of the rehabilitation center can be used by the patients of the acute clinic and most of them, such as the fitness studio, the swimming pool or the table tennis table, are also available to all guests in their free time.

The direct connection to the rehabilitation center has the additional advantage that, if desired and sensible, the clinic can apply for follow-up rehabilitation treatment, which I immediately approved. 

The Essen is excellent and is brought to the table in an attractive restaurant, or, if you are not mobile enough, you receive it in your room.

The guests meet in the cafeteria, in the dining room, at joint therapy sessions or in the fitness studio, which is also supervised in the evenings and at weekends, they play table tennis together or go to the thermal baths together in the evening.

There is a social counseling service that ensures that severely disabled status can be applied for or adjusted. 

The support provided by social counseling includes information about possible social benefits and extends to the application ready for signature.

As long as the statutory health insurance companies support it, I will continue to take advantage of complex therapy every year in Passau's Wolf Bad Gögging.

Jürgen Zender, Bad Gögging, March 2023

Stay tuned.


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