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Therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger

A contribution by Karin Grote-Westrick


Field report on therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger


Therapeutic fasting is absolutely trendy and I had heard and read a lot about it. Since the beginning, our entire “system” has been geared towards longer periods of “no food”. Nowadays, however, we eat almost constantly, whether out of hunger, appetite, boredom, grief or frustration, etc. The food industry also doesn't necessarily give us what would lead to a balanced diet Nutrition counts. Flavor enhancers, colorings, emulsifiers, preservatives, sugar, fast food and the like make us sick in the long term and we slowly develop food allergies and inflammatory processes in the body. I wanted to give my body a break and let myself be surprised by the positive effects of therapeutic fasting, despite or especially because of my previous illnesses (ulcerative colitis and Parkinson's disease).


Purify the body, mind and soul with therapeutic fasting and get my metabolism going. Reconsider my previous eating habits and get used to new eating habits. The aim is a Mediterranean diet that is as rich in bases as possible in order to bring the acid/base balance into balance. After therapeutic fasting, I prefer interval fasting (18:6).

place of fasting

I decided not to stay home alone fast, where the tempting contents of the fridge are always within reach. Instead, I fasted with a companion in a fasting hotel in a relaxed environment and cozy atmosphere. The hotel also had a sauna area with a steam bath, outdoor pool, Japanese onsen bath and direct access to Lake Constance. In the SPA area you could unwind and relax between fasting treatments and regain your strength.

 fasting period

The period of one week was the right choice and just right for my first therapeutic fasting holiday.

Sunday, March 19.03.2023th, XNUMX Relief day and arrival                 

Monday, March 20.03.2023th, 1 XNUMXst day of fasting, slight head pressure

Tuesday, March 21.03.2023st, 2 XNUMXnd day of fasting, slight head pressure, circulatory problems

Wednesday, March 22.03.2023nd, 3 XNUMXrd day of fasting Feeling weak, queasy in the stomach

Thursday, March 23.03.2023rd, 4 XNUMXth day of fasting Weakness

Friday, March 24.03.2023th, 5 XNUMXth day of fasting Feeling weak, queasy in the stomach

Saturday, March 25.03.2023th, XNUMX Breaking the fast                                    

Sunday, March 26.03.2023th, 1 XNUMXst set-up day and departure                    

fasting group

On the day of arrival, the fasting group got to know each other. In a mixed group (Buchinger and base fasting) with a total of 12 participants and a fasting leader, I felt that I was in good hands. The lively exchange with the participants, some of whom were very experienced with fasteners, was informative and the manager was available to answer all questions. Important connections between therapeutic fasting, change in diet and positive effects on chronic diseases, allergies, autoimmune diseases, etc. were explained in vivid presentations.

 fasting plan

The 7 day fasting plan was well structured. The daily applications were optimally timed so that there was no boredom, but there was enough time for rest, exercise and relaxation. We have taken on the following applications ourselves: purging and defecation, the so-called belief spell at the beginning of fasting. Daily enemas with an irrigator, warm liver wraps, oil pulling and contrast showers with peeling, and depending on your mood: visit to the SPA area with Kneipp therapy, sauna, steam bath, alkaline foot bath, or Nordic walking, walks and bike tours. The following applications were organized for us by the hotel/fasting leader: various lectures, a daily 75-minute yoga session, nutrition tips and, at the end of the fasting days, a 60-minute Ayurvedic massage with warm avocado oil to eliminate toxins.

Shared meals

The meals and drinking cures were always served at the same times (8 a.m. / 13 ​​p.m. / 18 p.m.) by the waiters in the restaurant and were celebrated in style and enjoyment together with the fasting group. On the day of arrival, there was a delicious, basic gourmet meal to relieve the strain, but from the first day of fasting until breaking the fast, there was a complete renunciation of solid food, coffee, tea, milk, animal products and any luxury foods such as sweets, alcohol, etc Instead, we got still spring water, various herbal teas, lemon and orange wedges to suck on, clear broths – made from different types of vegetables every day – and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices.

Medication / side effects / symptoms

After consultation with the specialists, I should keep the dosage of the medication as usual. So I didn't change anything about taking the tablets 3 times a day at 7 a.m. / 13 ​​p.m. / 18 p.m. Now and then a queasy feeling in the stomach. These were either the effects of taking the pills on an empty stomach or side effects of fasting. On the 1st and 2nd day of fasting, a slight head pressure was noticeable. On the second day of fasting, there were also slight circulatory problems after going to the sauna. I had a general feeling of weakness from the 2rd day of fasting until I broke the fast. It is important to listen to your body's signals and to adapt activities such as easy walks, bike tours and yoga classes to suit your physical condition. The Parkinson's symptoms improved slightly during the therapeutic fasting. After breaking the fast on the first day of the build-up, I was also very exhilarated, euphoric and full of energy. I felt fitter and more agile than I had in a long time. 

Positive effects

Fasting promotes autophagy (cell cleansing process), thereby improving the metabolic parameters in our organs and tissues. This recycling of cellular waste activates the body's self-healing powers. The intestinal function is optimized and thus the immune system is strengthened. Overfilled stores are emptied (water / salt / fat / protein), with the positive side effect that you lose weight. However, the weight reduction can only be maintained if there is a long-term change in eating habits.

My advice

I can only advise you to try the therapeutic fasting. Afterwards you feel liberated, a lot lighter on the "baggage" and emerge from it with a euphoric, positive attitude.

My recommendation

However, people with previous illnesses or health/mobility restrictions should always consult their doctor beforehand to clarify whether there are any concerns about therapeutic fasting. Or plan the fasting cure directly under medical supervision in a fasting clinic. (e.g. fasting therapy with a 16-day inpatient stay in the Parkinson's specialist clinic Paracelsus-Elena-Klinik, Kassel).


Fasting was definitely worth it for me and I am grateful for these exciting experiences!

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Karin Grote-Westrick, Munich, May 2023

Stay tuned.


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