Parkinson's Self-Help Directory HUS

Directory of Parkinson's self-help groups in Germany

Overview of Parkinson's medications

After a break of almost 6 months and a successful DBS operation, a new guide on medication from our guest author Dr. Johannes Heimann. Here you can find out everything you need to know about Parkinson's medication.

Parkinson's Self Help Directory

In the entire complex of the healthcare industry, self-help has now become a fixed and important element. For many patients, it is an offer without alternative, under the conditions of an often serious or chronic illness, not to be left alone. Self-help is not selfish, but essentially lives from sharing in the problems of other people

Live webinar avoid falls

Live Webinar – Avoid falls

You will learn three typical triggers for falls so that you can avoid them and the person concerned stays mobile for longer. In addition, I will show you strategies so that you quickly have specific techniques at hand when freezing and keep a cool head. This will bring more serenity into your life. 

Parkinson's Self Help Directory

Directory of Parkinson's self-help groups in Germany

exercise videos

Of course, the videos shown here are just an excerpt of what the internet in general and my “personal trainers” in particular have to offer. It only represents my very personal program, but it may serve as a good template for one or the other of you.

Parkinson's and travel

Where should the journey go, what do we want or need to take with us.

Questions and answers that occasionally give even healthy people a headache. For people with Parkinson's disease, however, the checklist is significantly longer and is not repeated nearly as often as the checklist for healthy people. Because the progressive disease creates a new challenge with every trip.

I don't drive a car myself anymore, but even the position in the passenger seat, sitting for hours at a time, challenges my rigor to the extreme. I don't tolerate long periods of sitting at all, I'm very sensitive when eating and I need my regular afternoon nap. If just one of these parameters changes, I can actually tick off the day. Do I have enough medication with me? Can I get emergency medication at my travel destination? But fortunately, you can avoid many problems by skilful travel preparation.

Occupational therapy episode 1, what is important?

A contact recently wrote to me via social media, asking if I had any tips on how to find a good occupational therapy practice for people with Parkinson's disease. Of course I have tips. It is even very important to me to bring specialized occupational therapists and people with Parkinson's together.

What should I look out for when looking for an occupational therapist?

Here are a few key points:

“Have you walked backwards today?”

How non-drug tricks can help you run better

It sometimes happens that while walking, one of my feet takes on a life of its own and starts to twist. My muscles get stiff, my toes curl up and I can't move with the best will in the world. There is no good coaxing, no stretching, no nothing, except standing still, breathing consciously and relaxing.

What many do not know, however, is that research now assumes that Parkinson's is not just a single disease. Rather, we are dealing with a variety of neurological disorders crammed under one Parkinson's umbrella. Welcome to the Parkinson's party!


Here you can find out everything about exercise and sport as non-drug therapy.