We managed 1.2 million minutes for 1,2 million people suffering from Parkinson's disease!

    Our new goal: 2.200.000 minutes for 2,2 million affected people in Europe and the USA.

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      In Europe and the USA, around 2,2 million people suffer from Parkinson's disease. Nevertheless, ignorance and prejudice are still widespread. We want to change that together with you! Collect 2,2 million minutes of active time with us - one for every person with Parkinson's in Europe and the USA.


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    Behind every minute there is a person

    John Pepper
    Me, you and Parki
    More than just tremors
    M. Leines is different
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    John Pepper

    Me, you and Parki

    A sensitive portrait with Silvia and Ruedi, who let us participate in their everyday life and life with Parkinson's. Silvia is the founder of Move4YPD (https://www.move4ypd.ch/) and is committed to helping young people with Parkinson's disease in Switzerland.

    More than just tremors

    The Munich regional group of the “German Parkinson's Association” has produced an impressive TV commercial under the motto “Parkinson's is more than just trembling”.

    The video shows in a very clear, almost poignant way how important it is to bring the symptoms of Parkinson's disease to the attention of the public.

    M. Leines is different

    Anders M. Leines is a Norwegian filmmaker who was diagnosed with Parkinson's at a relatively young age.
    He created a remarkable documentation about himself and his handling of the disease, for which I was allowed to take over the German processing.

    Heather Kennedy

    Heather Kennedy has Parkinson's disease at a young age and shares her experience with Parkinson's in numerous videos and her blog http://www.kathleenkiddo.com/

    Gerhard Schuman

    Gerhard Schumann is head of the Munich regional group of the German Parkinson's Association. In this feature he talks about his illness and his motivations to support those affected with advice and action. Help for self-help in the best sense of the word. 

    Nenad Bach - PingPong as therapy

    right now - the Parkinson Podcast

    Every minute tells a story, behind every number there is a person. Our ever-growing OneMinuteClip gallery brings numbers to life. Tell your story with Parkinson's in a minute. Send us a video selfie of yourself in portrait format. one-minute-clip@aktivzeit.org

    Please don't forget us permission to grant or revokethat we may publish your video. Preferably before you send it to us. We look forward to your contribution!

    Who we are

    We are the coordinators of the end of Parkinson's - PD Avengers for Germany and Switzerland. AktivZeit is our first campaign for World Parkinson's Day and we are pleased that we have Jürgen Zender from Parkinson's Journal got. We all work on a voluntary basis. Us connects the strong will to make a difference for people with Parkinson's.

    What motivates us

    Pulling together, encouraging each other and striving for a common goal. These are particularly important sources of strength for our group. It encourages us and lets us start the day refreshed and activated every morning despite the restrictions.

    Our goals

    Immer Learn more People fall ill of Parkinson's, 10% of them living in boys Jahren, and niemand white why. We want Parkinson and seine diverse symptoms better known do and People with Parkinson's voice geben. We want they motivate want to print their individual Story zu the erzähl and and before everything itself zu to move.

    A good idea always needs its supporters. We would like to thank the Hilde Ulrichs Foundation, Parkinson's People, the Siegfried and Helma Jörend Foundation and the Parkinson Journal for their generous support.