Active living with Parkinson's. 

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At this time, everyone is talking about sport as an important resource for neurological diseases. Movement groups are forming everywhere and the information about this important pillar for the treatment of Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis or polyneuropathy is constantly growing, as are the results of research.

But how does the individual bring this knowledge into his life so that it really helps? Because under stress, a bad conscience or the question of whether this is REALLY the right thing to do, the important resource can quickly become a burden - especially when the responsible job and loving childcare are day-to-day business. And also how to deal with the fact that the disease then continues to progress.

In the neuro workshop, we have tried out with clients for years how exercise and sport can be lived in such a way that it is fun and enjoyable, the symptoms - both non-motor and motor - are reduced, the course of the disease is alleviated and the acceptance of the disease is also increased can be edited.

I was allowed to take part in a 4-week online seminar myself and can only confirm that the step from knowing about the importance of exercise in neurological diseases to concrete action is anything but easy. And above all, how can you incorporate sensible movement into an everyday life that is already determined by the illness?

dr Mareike Schwed has developed a workshop concept for this and gives the right answers to all the questions that arise when you want to integrate exercise as a non-drug therapy into your daily routine. With her knowledge and many years of experience, she quickly gets to the heart of the matter and, with a warm, motivated look, she immediately finds the important common thread for an eventful life with Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis or polyneuropathy. She helps you to deepen your personal movement knowledge with her trained perspective and to expand your daily routines in such a way that you can work on your mobility issues even more specifically - neuroprotective!

You can find out more about the workshop on the website neuro workshop.

Jürgen Zender, March 2023

Stay tuned.

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