When the time comes when you could is

the one in which one can ...

.... says Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach.

She is right. My life is shaped by having done things whenever the time was ripe for it. Even if occasionally the time, but me wasn't ready for it himself. But these are exactly the experiences that I have do not want to miss under any circumstances. For me in any case, the time had come in 2017 for the occasionally golden, but mostly leaving the manager's rusty hamster wheel and me in In my third phase of life, I turned away from economics and culture to turn to. So I got my guitars back in shape and I still run the video blog with a lot of heart and soul "Your Munich Tour".

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2019. Like many others before me, I spent the following weeks working intensively on symptoms, therapies and current research. Thanks to Google, I scoured the Internet in countless hours and, with a lot of effort, got a first overview. I quickly realized that the flood of information seems huge, but just as disorganized. Especially in the first phase, in which you have to deal mentally with the diagnosis, unnecessary fears can arise that put a lasting strain on the psyche.

The Parkinson Journal is my humble contribution to counteract that a little. So I have made it my business to establish an information platform for those affected and interested. The respective articles in the Parkinson Journal come either from my own production or pen or are commented, quoted, curated, translated or, in the case of videos, synchronized versions of articles that have already been published.

But please do not use information from the Parkinson Journal as a basis for health-related decisions or make self-diagnoses. The contributions serve to provide general information about a health topic, not to provide advice on individual concerns. No liability is assumed for the topicality and correctness of the contributions. If you have health problems, please consult your doctor.

Jurgen Zender - Parkinson's Journal

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