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Fast and what it can do A contribution by Jürgen Zender Fasting is becoming increasingly popular, supported by growing scientific evidence about its positive health effects. In an interview with Berlin nutrition expert Andreas Michalsen, various aspects of fasting are examined, with a particular focus on the potential benefits for people with Parkinson's. Andreas Michalsen emphasizes that fasting is not a passing fad, but a practice that has been anchored in various cultures and medical traditions for centuries. The growing number of scientific studies in the last ten to 15 years confirm the positive effects of fasting from a medical perspective... Continue reading …

AI in healthcare: the 10.000 Brains Project

AI in Healthcare: The 10.000 Brains Project and the Neurodegenerative Research Revolution Ein Contribution by Jürgen Zender The progressive... Continue reading …

The gut-brain connection: A look at Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

The gut-brain connection: A look at Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Ein Contribution by Jürgen Zender The evidence for a connection between Parkinson's... Continue reading …


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